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Monday, September 28, 2009

Website to capture screenshot

Most of our website have contact forms where visitors can fill in their email address and send a message directly to the site owners with some limitations. But some issues might be clear or some might not.

The visitor cannot attach image files with the message.

Here is a easy solution. To solve this very problem and make things a bit more convenient for your visitors, SnapABug has released a simple JavaScript based Help widget that can be added to any website with a simple copy and paste.

The Snapabug widget will add a "help" button to your website and when visitors click this help button, they can not only send a message to your email address but they can also chose to include a screen capture of the web page with the message.

SnapABug will automatically attach a screenshot with the browser’s user-agent string and OS details of the visitor. And the Help widget is absolutely free

So what for you waiting for, have a TRY!


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Blogger Nilesh Pujara said...

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