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Friday, July 17, 2009

Colour Picker for web designers

Designers used to develop the website with the combination of colors using photo shop to make the website more attractive. Now a days developers used to select the color with the help of addon called color picker using firefox.

Imagine when you move to a place where you see some beautiful colors, pictures, spots etc.. where you want to take a combination of those colors, when you don't have a laptop or camera with you. What you will do?

Designer Jinsun Park from Korea has come out with a simple tool called 'Color Picker', which is just look like a pen. This color picker pen consists of

1. RGB Color sensor.
2. Color scan button.
3. RGB ink cartridge.
4. Color display.
5. Ball type.

Place the pen against an object and press the scan button, the color will be detected by the color sensor and the RGB cartridges in the pen will mixed the required inks to create the target color. And you can also draw the colors in a paper with this pen.

Now it has become very easy with this pen, where ever you go just carry the color picker with you.

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