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Sunday, June 14, 2009

How to write HTML css code for Emailers?

Many of them are asking me, how to write html css code for emailers? Do it have any formates? On my view, i say yes it has a format to write. Now a days emailers are playing a majore role to promote their products or web pages in order to increase their conversion rate. Report says that a neat simple text mailers are making lots of conversions.

There are two types of mailers. One is text mailer and another one is image based mailer. Text mailers are given most important than image mailer, coz text mail can have the users glance that what he wants. But in image mailer unless the user clicks the display images he cannot view the mail. Most of the mail engine's like Google, Yahoo will not show the images until the user click the display images. This may get user get irritated and without opening the mail he will delete it. Make sure that your mailer will not fall in their Junk box.

Format for writing E mailers
A basic html and css code writing is enough for writing E mailers. Like tables and inline style is needed. You cannot apply any css file to the emailer. While writing html code, make sure that you should not use positions, backgrounds, negative margins and also padding (in cases). You must reset your css before starting an element.

Email Compatibility
Most of the companies are looking for email compatibility for all emailers just like browser compatibility. Most of them are Gmail, Yahoo, Sify, Microsoft Outlook express, Hotmail etc.. Make sure that your code is compatible for the above mentioned email services. So please use basic html and css tags in order to render properly in all these services.

Make sure that you add a link on the top of the emailers saying that cannot view, please view it in an html format. So that they can view to page in a browser, if they have problem in opening in email. And also add disclaimers like unsubscribe(if needed) at the end of the footer.



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