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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Html Links

What is HTML Link?
Now we are going to learn a very important tag which is used to link web pages. As we know websites are collection of web pages, the pages are to be interlinked for easy navigation of information.
You may think that it would be either tag (or) tag for linking pages. But it is not the case here. We use anchor <a> tag. The attribute href=”url” along with <a> tag is used for linking.

Where to use HTML Links
HTML links (or) hyperlinks are commonly used for 4 main purpose. They are internal, local, global and mailto.

* Internal: Link that navigate to the different content of the same page. (For eg: A link which says ‘top’ would take to the top of the same page).
* Local: Link that navigates to the other pages of the same website. (Eg. Link for ‘Contact us’ page from ‘About us’ page)
* Global: Link that take us to other domain / website.
* mailto: This is used to link email address. Clicking on the link would enable us to send email.

How to use HTML Links?

* Attribute ‘href’ is very important where the destination url is given.
* The ‘target’ attribute defines the browser whether to open the linked page in a separate window or in the current window itself.
* In email (or) mailto link, we can also define Subject and body of the mail besides giving email address.


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