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Friday, June 12, 2009

Apple's Safari 4 crossed more than 11 million downloads in 3 days

Apple's Safari 4 Web browser was downloaded more than 11 million times in the first three days of release and more than 6 million of the downloads came from Windows users.

Apple Said, Safari 4 tops IE 8 and Firefox by three times or more when loading HTML Web pages, With its Nitro JavaScript engine, the company claims, Safari executes JavaScript almost eight times as fast as IE 8 and more than four times as fast as Firefox.

Advanced Web Technologies
Next-Generation Standards Support
With support for HTML 5 media tags, CSS animation, and CSS effects, web designers can create rich, interactive web applications using natively supported web standards. A standards-compliant browser, Safari renders current and future web applications as they were meant to be seen.

It also supports CSS 3 Web Fonts, CSS Canvas, HTML 5 Offline Support, HTML Canvas, ICC Color Profile Support, LiveConnect Support and many more...

Drag-and-Drop Bookmark Organization
Easily rearrange your bookmarks in the bookmarks bar by dragging them to the right or left. As you drag over other bookmarks, they slide away to make room for the one you’re moving.

Drag-and-Drop Bookmark Creation and Deletion
Safari lets you create and delete bookmarks with a simple drag and drop. When you find a site you like, create a new bookmark by dragging the site’s icon into the bookmarks bar. If you no longer use a bookmark, drag it out of the bookmarks bar and it disappears in a puff of smoke.

History View
Take a closer look at your browsing history in the History view. Search for previously visited sites, drag web pages to your bookmarks, and clear individual items. Safari displays your history using Cover Flow, so you can flip through your search results as easily as you flip through iTunes album art.

Browser navigation has 3D config which attracts people to look and feel as though they are using iphone.

Day by Day browser version and different browsers are increasing which make very difficult for web developers for checking browser compatibility.

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