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Monday, June 29, 2009

How to make a website run faster?

These are the simple steps to be followed, when developing a website to make it run faster. First of all install Yslow or Page speed, then start looking the ways your site is unoptimized.

1. Use minifed Javascript and CSS, Avoid duplicate JS and CSS.
2. Put your CSS at the top of the document.
3. Put the javascript at the end.
4. Use seperate domain for images, javasripts etc...
5. Avoid URL Redirections
6. Use Image Sprites to Minimize HTTP Requests
7. Add an Expires or a Cache-Control
8. Use Gzip Components
9. Compress your images using Smushit or good image compressor.
10. Compress your css and javascripts using Yahoo User Interface Compressor.

These point will help you to run your site faster. You can also test your page (i.e) load test through online using Pingdom website.

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