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Friday, June 26, 2009

Outlook 2010 use Word rendering engine to display HTML

Microsoft has confirmed that they plan to continue using the Word rendering engine to display HTML in Outlook 2010. Till outlook express 2003 they used to render ie engine for html emailers. But in 2007 outlook express, they started to render with word engine. This made the developers hard to fix the design in 2007. Outlook doesn't render HTML correctly in 2007.

It was everybody's thought that Microsoft's next version release 2010 would fix this problem. But Microsoft has confirmed that they will continue Word rendering engine to display HTML in Outlook 2010. (Please keep in mind that EVERY OTHER email client currently used anywhere uses a web browser to render HTML.) Like Outlook express, hotmail also will give you trouble in rendering the email, while other engines like google, yahoo will render properly.

Conversion of PSD design to emailer will be a real challenge for web developers to check for Email Compatibility. Keep in mind that you have to use basic html and inline style to be used in order to render your emails properly(at least to an extend) in all the engines.



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